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The Challenge of Combining Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy

When it comes to enhancing the appearance of your breasts, there are various surgical options available. Two common procedures that can provide remarkable results on their own are breast augmentation and mastopexy (breast lift).

Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting

Imagine looking into the mirror and seeing a rejuvenated, youthful version of yourself. A face that reflects the vitality and energy you feel on the inside.

The Importance of Sleep for Health and Longevity

Sleep is a necessary function that helps your body and mind replenish, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and alert. Healthy sleep also aids in wellness and illness prevention.

The Importance of NAD+ in Health and Longevity

It is no secret that the key to a long and healthy life lies in our genes. But what if there was something we could do to influence our gene expression in order to live longer?

The Benefits of Calorie Restriction in Health Optimization

How would you feel if we were to tell you that nutrition science has come such a long way, that there’s now a way to easily and practically live longer, healthier, and potentially even disease-free?

Defining Chronological and Biological Age

When asked how old you are, you are more likely to respond with the number of years since your birth. This is because that’s how old you are chronologically, and it’s the answer most people go with.

HIF-1 and Aging

Twinkles in your wrinkles and gray in your hair, HIF – 1 is the reason why, and it doesn’t seem to care. Okay, it’s not the only reason for aging, but it does play an important role in how quickly and severely we age.

The Science of Aging: Why Do We Age?

While many people search for the proverbial fountain of youth, you may be wondering why, do we age in the first place? For centuries, scientists, philosophers, and even laypeople have been debating the reasons behind aging.

How Diabetes Affects the Body’s Ability to Regenerate

Diabetes is a life-altering diagnosis that affects 1 in 10 Americans. When you consider its far-reaching impact on the body’s regenerative capacity, its frightening to realize that 1 in 5 people with diabetes don’t know they have it and almost 100 million Americans are pre-diabetic.

The Impact of Menopause on Aging

Menopause is natural, inevitable…and potentially a very unpleasant experience. While almost every woman will experience menopause in later life, it doesn’t always go the way it’s supposed to.

Longevity & Vitamins D and K2

Americans have long been told that vitamin D is crucial for our health. Depression, arthritis, and cancer are just a few problems that vitamin D supplements can “cure”.

The Science Behind Spermidine and Its Effects on Longevity

There has been a lot of buzz around the compound spermidine lately, with many people touting its benefits for longevity. But what is spermidine? And what does spermidine do?

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